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Dear spectators!

Please note that you can book and purchase tickets online only using the following browsers:

Web browsers:

Chrome 26 and later, Firefox 32 and later, IE 11 and later (8-10 is possible with an additional setting), Edge, Opera Classic 12.18 (8-12.17 with additional setting), Opera Blink, Safari 7 and later

Mobile browsers:

Android 5 and later, IE 11 and later, Safari 6 and later


Preliminary bookings can be made: 

  • At our call centre +7 (495) 730-10-11 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.;
  • At our web:

Unpaid order will be cancelled after 48 hours. You can extend your preliminary booking by phone +7 (495) 730-10-11 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Administration reserves the right, if necessary, to cancel the ticket preliminary booking on the day of the concert without special notice.


How to buy tickets/subscription of the Moscow International Performing Arts Centre :

1. At the MIPAC’s box office 

  • 52 bldg. 13 Kosmodamianskaya embankment from 10 a.m. to 21 p.m. all days;
  • An additional box office in the lobby of the Chamber hall starts operating one hour before event;
  • Additional box offices in the foyers of the Svetlanov, Chamber and Theatre halls start operating one hour before events and are open until the last spectator leaves the premises.

These Rules are developed in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 07.02.1992. # 2300-1 “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 09.10.1992 N 3612-1 “Fundamentals of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on Culture” (as amended on July 18, 2019), the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and establish the procedure for refunding tickets to events held at the Moscow City State Budgetary Institution of Culture The Moscow International Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC).

By purchasing a ticket to an event held at the MIPAC the buyer thereby enters into a contract for the provision of services in the field of culture and also agrees to these Rules.

Ticket refund is made strictly in the presence of a cashier’s receipt (valid for tickets purchased from July 1, 2019).

The full price of tickets purchased by pre-sale is refunded if the spectator applies not later than 3 days before the day of the event, not including the date of the event.

In case the spectator applies less than 3 days before the day of the event the cost of the ticket is not refundable *.

* unless it is impossible for the spectator to attend the event due to documented circumstances related to the illness of the spectator or death of a family member or a close relative in accordance with the Family Code of the Russian Federation, and the ticket for refund is accepted before the event.

In case of the event cancellation  the ticket price is refunded within 10 calendar days from the date of the cancelled event.

In case the event is postponed to a later date the tickets are refunded within 10 calendar days but no later than the date on which the event was changed.

If the event is changed to an earlier date the tickets will be refunded no later than the original date of the event inclusively.

In case of change of the event or the announced performers, (if the spectator does not agree with such change), the ticket refund is possible before the beginning of the changed event.

The MIPAC administration reserves the right in exceptional cases to change a program or performers of the event included in the subscription. This information is available on the subscription form that you purchase.

In order to return the cost, paid in cash, in all cases the buyer should fill out the Application and have a passport, cashier's receipt and tickets. (Application form can be obtained from the ticket office).

In order to return the cost, of tickets paid by card, in all cases the buyer should fill out the Application and have a passport, cashier's receipt, tickets and the card used to buy the tickets. (Application form can be obtained from the ticket office).

Attention! Refund is made only if the ticket form has not been used to enter the event.

Attention! The service fee charged when buying tickets in ticket agencies is not refunded by the MIPAC.

Tickets are refunded at the central MIPAC ticket office, located at 52, bldg.13, Kosmodamianskaya Embankment, 115054, Moscow.

Attention! In case of cancellation or change of the event the refund for tickets purchased through third-party ticket agencies is carried out by the ticket agency that sold the ticket.

Attention! In case of loss or damage the tickets cannot be recovered.

For any information concerning the ticket refund, please call +7 (495) 730-18-52.


Ticket / Subscription Refund Policy

Ticket Refund Form when paid in cash 


2. Purchase online at

Attention! Please read the purchase rules before buying e-tickets.

Electronic tickets/Electronic subscriptions. Purshasing and engament regulations

E-ticket Refund Form 

The cost of electronic tickets purchased by pre-sale on the website of the MIPAC is refunded if applying no less than 3 days before the day of the event not including the date of the event on the basis of the application for the refund of electronic tickets sent by e-mail to

Tickets/subscriptions purchase service at is operated by Dilyaver LLC. For more info regarding e-tickets please call +7 (495) 215-00-00 or write at

Cloud Payments system is used for payments. In case you have questions about the payment made, you can contact customer support at or call +7 (495) 215-00-00.

You can use Visa or Mastercard. After confirming the selected items a secure window opens with a payment page of the processing centre CloudPayments where you need to enter your bank card details. For additional cardholder authentication, the 3D Secure protocol is used. If your bank supports this technology you will be redirected to its server for additional identification. Information on the rules and methods of additional identification should be specified in the Bank that issued your bank card.


The processing centre CloudPayments protects and processes your bank card data by the PCI DSS 3.0 security standard. The transfer of information to the payment gateway is made using SSL encryption technology. Further transmission of information occurs through closed banking networks that have the highest level of reliability. CloudPayments does not transmit your card information to us and other third parties. For additional cardholder authentication the 3D Secure protocol is used.e.

The following bank cards are accepted for payments:

and Online Payment Services:


3. Buy tickets / season tickets to the Moscow International Performing Arts Centre at the box office and on the websites of the following ticket agencies:


Please note! Ticket agencies may take a service fee.