Normal Music. Premieres and more

Normal Music. Premieres and more

15.11.2017 - 19:00
Chamber hall

State Chamber Orchestra "Moscow Virtuosi"
Vladimir Spivakov, artistic director and principal conductor
Alexei Lubimov, piano
Alexei Zuev, piano

J. C. Bach. Clavier concerto in E flat major
Alexei Lubimov, piano
Pelēcis. “Dedication”, concerto for two pianos, orchestra and backing track (Russian premiere) Ustvolskaya. Piano concerto
Alexei Zues, piano
Mozart. Concerto for two pianos and orchestra in E flat major 

One of the most unconventional series of the Moscow International Performing Arts Centre with the intriguing name Normal Music will be open with the concert where all has its pair.

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