City Lights

City Lights

The Hour of Chaplin, series
17.10.2017 - 19:00
Svetlanov hall

The film demonstration with musical accompaniment
Charlie Chaplin, composer
Arrangement and orchestration by Arthur Johnston and Alfred Newman
The score reconstruction by Timothy Brock (2004)

National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia
Vladimir Spivakov, artistic director and principal conductor

City Lights is the most perfect silent film by Chaplin made in 1931 when the sound era had been already on the way. The principal character of the film was once again Chaplin’s Tramp, who by the time had become one of the favorite film characters.  As usually Chaplin stepped in as director, producer, writer and actor as well as composer for the first time in his carrier.

60 минут (1 отделение без антракта)
ГБУК г.Москвы "ММДМ"